Beauty and the handsome jerk

​Beauty and the handsome jerk Innoe H Mpofu They all tried to rain on our parade All told you, I was no good for you You said with much confidence, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” You always saw was the best in me This thing called charm got to you You couldn’t […]

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My brother’s keeper

​My Brother’s Keeper Innoe H. Mpofu Once, we were indispensable Twice, no-one thought we were separable Our camaraderie ran deeper than blood relations Not only were you my brother, but my protector My friend, My saviour, my mentor, the least my icon. All the good memories we once had in the past Even seem to […]

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Beautiful but beastly 

Innoe H. Mpofu Her beauty makes any man go crazy, When she moves, the world doesn’t Everything freezes at her beautiful sight. She is the type of girl that no one messes with, She may break your heart and empty your wallet, But still you’ll find yourself stuck on her instagram page She has the […]

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Would you still love me?

Innoe H. Mpofu Would you still love me? When I’m old and weary, When my skin cracks and go pale, When I’m so weak on my knees That I crumble and fall when i stand. Would you still love me? Would you even look at me? When I have grown so weak, When my feet […]

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21st century youths 

Life in 21st century As we used to play; With mud and sand in the streets, Its much a scary nightmare now, That drugs and alcohol in streets, Have became our new toys. How heartbreaking that is, What’s happening to our youths The norm was to bury our grandparents in the graveyards, But nowadays same […]

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Luthando Mpofu

My Daughter: Luthando Ever since you were born, a better man I have been You came to the world unexpected Yet you have become the best thing in my life So young and so cute, the dimples form when you smile Like an angel you light up my world You inherited the looks of your […]

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