How could you?

Innoe H. Mpofu She stood right there, in front of the mirror- Looked at her body…she saw perfection A woman who held her own in the world One that never crumbled over her work demands  She was what young girls aspired to be Little did they know her world crumbled in her home. You stripped […]

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A troubled soul

​                    Innoe. H. Mpofu He stood right there, feeling lifeless, His life kept flashing in front of his eyes Finding no reason to live, no reason to breathe, As ever since he lived, his life became showers of pain His own body became a bastile to […]

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The Slums

​They sat their rich asses on their thrones Lived their own lives so lavishly While the people suffered in the slums. They looked down from their sky high towers As winter froze their subjects to death, They had money in their pockets And my people ate crums for dinner While they were baking cakes in […]

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If it is love…

He said, he had to exert himself as the man of the house the only way he knew how, was with his fists he battered her up till her pale skin cracked till blood came oozing from her veins like river nile he claimed it was his way of showing his love how does one […]

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Beauty and the handsome jerk

​Beauty and the handsome jerk Innoe H Mpofu They all tried to rain on our parade All told you, I was no good for you You said with much confidence, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” You always saw was the best in me This thing called charm got to you You couldn’t […]

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My brother’s keeper

​My Brother’s Keeper Innoe H. Mpofu Once, we were indispensable Twice, no-one thought we were separable Our camaraderie ran deeper than blood relations Not only were you my brother, but my protector My friend, My saviour, my mentor, the least my icon. All the good memories we once had in the past Even seem to […]

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